About the Members

Ben is a graduate student working in medieval history. He’s been watching movies and reading books since he first had eyes to see them, but he’s only been playing games since elementary school and watching anime since high school, so he’s got a lot of catching up to do. He’s a believer in Kieron Gillen’s manifesto on new games journalism, but he doesn’t really know how to apply it to anime. He also likes Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of the maven, but he doesn’t really know how to apply it to anime either. Above all, he’s a lover of new and interesting things. What better reason to start a blog?

Katie is a creative dilettante who loves the 1970s because it was the ugliest decade and everyone had sideburns. Her obsessions include shōjo manga, British television, and slapstick comedy, but if you can apply the words “media” or “art” to it, she probably cares. Katie has read about film for a long time but is just beginning to figure out what games are, so if you have anything as awesome as Gone Home or the works of Christine Love, send it to her. She also likes abstract things like gender and how people relate to media and use narrative in their lives. She thinks Henry Jenkins is the bomb diggity. Using phrases like “the bomb diggity” doesn’t make it more likely that people notice she’s a 30-something rather than a 12-year-old boy, but she’s prepared to live with that.

Orla is a student specializing in historical music performance and convincing her peers and mentors that she knows what she’s doing. She is by no stretch a film, television, or comic buff, has never gamed, and is only in to anime as a niche hobby – but her fellow crab-flowers are great sports about letting the group’s token kid sister sit at the grown-ups table every week anyway. Other facts: She made her prom dress out of yellow and black duct tape and rode to the venue on a bicycle. She can’t whistle. She Tumbles at midcenturypaperdoll.