A Few Things

July 25, 2015 § 1 Comment

Yeah, hey. It’s been a while, but I’ve got a few things to say.

Okay, I have three points, but Akiakane's video for "Rolling Girl" only has two fingers.

Okay, I have three points, but Akiakane’s video for “Rolling Girl” only has two fingers.

First, I’m really regretful that this blog went silent for three whole months. As a historian and as a generally morbid person, I’m fascinated by the disrupted communications that compose most of the internet. People disappear from their blogs and the posts on those blogs are left behind, like epitaphs on gravestones. Livejournal, for instance, is littered with them, to the point that I try not to go there anymore. It’s just too engrossing, in all the wrong ways. Though the actual Crab-Flower Club ended ignominiously with the engagement of Jia Bao-yu to Xue Bao-chai, I don’t want this iteration to have a similar fate. That means changes, but not as many or as big as you’d think.

Second, I’m going to try to change the way that I update this blog. As my bio asserted several years ago, and as still holds true, I am fascinated by and envious of the thousand-word think pieces put out by my fellow bloggers of anime, but as a young academic struggling to complete his dissertation, that’s not a bar that I can always reach. With world enough and time, maybe, but not right now. Therefore, I’m going to be modifying a few of my existing projects and generally shifting towards a philosophy of updating that involves more first impressions of anime, not always new but always novel, and maybe live-blogs like I did for The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (which ended with an “Endless Eight” gag of all things, proving what an utterly boring trifle it was). I’ll probably also revive the series where I review anime OPs, with or without Katie, because I’ve been recently bitten by “Staple Stable” from Bakemonogatari despite writing it off in an earlier post and because I think of it as a fun and different way to open up a conversation about certain shows.

Third, and probably of most interest if you’ve been checking the Crab-Flower Club regularly in hopes of content, I’ve started an anime podcast with some of the people from the Idle Thumbs forum community, called “Key Frames: A Podcast About Anime.” Our mission is mostly to put out content that involves a high-level discussion of anime in a casual and free-flowing presentation, with something for all levels of fans. Our format is the typical “Whatcha Playin'” roundtable for the first half and a spotlight on a short anime movie, series, or OVA for the second. So far, we’ve covered Little Witch AcademiaTrigun: Badlands RumbleTime of Eve, and Dallos, with an episode on Shinkai Makoto’s The Garden of Words upcoming. In the future, I’ll be using this blog to promote the podcast, of which I am already very proud, but rest assured that it will not dominate more conventional text-based posts. There’s just no way that I’m going to gripe about the mess that is Jormungand on a podcast, not when I can clear the air with several hundred words written on here. Anyway, the SoundCloud is here (we’re working on getting the back-catalogue available on demand, internet hosting is weird) and the current thread for the show is here on the Idle Thumbs forums. We also have a Twitter account and an email address, so if you message either of those, you can probably count on being read on-air. We love our fans! I think. I mean, I love whatever hypothetical fans are out there…

There you have it! Watch this space and things will surely happen. Until then, take care, and don’t let the summer melt you all away!



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