Out to Lunch

January 22, 2015 § 1 Comment

I know I’m a bit late on posting. I should probably say why.

The original idea for this blog, at least my contribution to it, was that I would write about anime on here to give me time away from writing about medieval history on my dissertation. That hasn’t been the case. As romantically as I’ve thought about my bottomless creative depths, it appears that both types of writing draw from the same well, so more of one means less of the other. Usually, that’s just fine, because working on a dissertation every single day is a great way to go crazy, but right now I’ve got to go a little crazy.

Okay, maybe not that crazy, but you know.

What I mean by all of the above is that I’m working on an article for submission to an edited volume for the next month, so I won’t be able to post, not even a little bit. I know you’ll all miss me noodling on which themes the different instruments in the soundtrack to Neon Genesis Evangelion represent or on how Japan has the opposite trope from America regarding the effect of taking off a girl’s glasses, but I’ll be back with more stuff like that sometime in mid-February. If I’m lucky, maybe some of the other contributors will join me, too. Until then, see you, space cowboy.


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